Yeah, you’ve read that right – bookstores are forcing America’s college students into debt! Actually, it’s not only bookstores, it’s the publishers! Close to 80 % of the educational books market is held by 4 major publishers. This gives them pretty much free reign when it comes to deciding how much a textbook is going to cost. Take away printing costs, transportation, and author fees and it turns out that 75 % of the retail price of textbooks is markup!
Of course, there are students out there who can’t afford $ 400 dollar textbooks that they’ll be using for one semester and then never again. According to Student PIRGs report, ridiculously priced textbooks have a profound effect on the quality of education and student life.

30 % of students reported having to use their financial aid to buy textbooks

When they do that, they spend nearly $ 300 on textbooks every semester
This is very concerning since financial aid should be predominately used for tuition or room & board. This just goes to show that educational textbooks are now ranking as the third major college expense, right behind those two things, tuition and rent.

Isn’t it simply mind-boggling that textbook prices have gone up more than 1000 % since 1977? What are they printed on – solid gold sheets?
This isn’t only pure profiteering – making students choose between buying a textbook and eating that month should really be a crime.
Luckily, there is a way to bypass the bookstores because there are plenty of textbooks floating around every campus – books you need but other people don’t. That’s why the Borrow’d app is such a success among college students. This app allows you to pick up books from your fellow students who no longer need them. You can either rent or buy – the choice is yours. Also, you can rent or sell your own textbooks and make some extra profit on them instead of just pennies that the bookstores offer for buybacks!

Benefits of Using the Borrow’d App

Well, first of all, you will stop encouraging and enabling textbook publishers from committing daylight robbery. As long as students go into bookstores and are willing to overpay for textbooks, that practice will continue. But other than that there are several other benefits that come along with using Borrow’d.

You’re reaching out and helping your fellow students

Whether you’re renting and selling or simply borrowing a textbook, you’re helping someone minimize their college debt. Instead of wasting your money on new textbooks, use Borrow’d to help a colleague in need. Rent or buy a used book from a student and give them a hand in finishing college without amassing a truckload of college debt. Borrow’d is a peer to peer only rental & selling app for textbooks – use it and help it grow because it’s going to benefit everyone!

Picking up books is a breeze

If you have a book you want to rent out or sell, simply scan the barcode and add it to the Borrow’d catalogue. You will get an opportunity to set the rental price and the full value of your book (so you can get reimbursed in case someone decides to walk away with it which is highly unlikely). You will set the location and once a potential buyer or borrower contacts you, you will simply meet up and hand the book over.

On the other hand, if you’re borrowing a book you won’t be forced to visit a bookstore or order online and then wait for your books to arrive. You will be able to get your book on the way to class or just taking a walk around campus.

Safety and transparency are Borrow’d’s watchwords

When renting or buying books with Borrow’d you won’t be forced to carry cash while meeting up with a stranger to pick the book up. This is always risky. Borrow’d minimizes that risk by requiring all payments to be made over the app.

Sellers set the value of their book so if they get stiffed by the borrower they will be reimbursed for the full value – with Borrow’d, honesty really is the best policy. Also, users rate and review one another so everyone using the app knows who is a reliable seller or buyer.

Substantially cheaper if you’re renting out a textbook

Even though students set their rent rates independently, most of them are realistic when it comes to pricing. This means that renting a book is far cheaper than buying even a used one over the internet. Books can be rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis – you can keep ownership of your freshmen year books and rent them out every year, making even more money than it originally cost.

Borrow’d only charges a 10 % fee when the transaction occurs, which is still a better deal than getting Amazon gift cards for buybacks or going to a bookstore to collect pennies on titles they are willing to buy from you.

Borrow’d notifies you when a book is due

What you get with this is peace of mind. Once you no longer need the book, the app will notify you that it is due. You will simply contact the owner and set up a meeting point to return the book. Keep in mind that you should treat the book as your own – the person you’re renting from might want to continue helping other students and making some extra cash with that book!

If you’re sick and tired of having to go into debt to get the textbooks you need – solely because you dared to get an education! – and you’re tired of watching your fellow students do the same thing, download Borrow’d! Save your money for the important things in life – starting your own company, making a deposit on your first home, or traveling around the world! In essence, my dear student, spend less – live more!