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Who You Are

Brand Ambassadors are our A+ marketing guys and gals, helping lead the fight against outrageous bookstore prices. Being an Ambassador means taking charge of spreading Borrow’d across your campus or city. And not only will you be helping students like yourself save money, you’ll also be building experience and earning an income. All with a schedule that you made.

Limitless Income Potential

Take a look around your next class in a lecture hall. How many people are there? Quite a bit, we’d bet. Every one of them could benefit from using Borrow’d, and you could earn an income from helping them. It’s like volunteering, but even better!

Up to $50 Per Referral

Thanks to our tiered system, working hard as an Ambassador is rewarded with even more cash in your pocket. The more people you inspire to join Borrow’d, the higher your pay is. Invite enough people and you could earn 10 times the starting amount.

Earn Marketing Experience

Brand Ambassadors are the backbone of our marketing efforts. They speak in classrooms, partner with student organizations, and advertise across their city. If you have any interest in marketing, you’ll be hard pressed to find an internship or program that gives you this much experience with such a flexible schedule.

Become a Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador Levels

As you make it up the tiered system, inviting more of your friends, running marketing campaigns, and making partnerships, you’ll find that you’re learning some major business skills. In recognition, we’ve created a tiered system that not only lets you earn more per referral, but also recognizes your achievements and the progress you’ve made.


Earn $5 per referral for the first 49 friends you refer

You’re officially a Brand Ambassador for Borrow’d! Time to start letting your friends know about the App, and maybe tell your parents you’re a real Ambassador.

Trend Setter

Refer 50 friends and you can now earn $10 per referral

Either you have a huge social circle, or you’re a natural marketer because you’ve started to make waves. Quite a few people are Borrow’d users thanks to you, and they’ve already started saving.


Refer 500 of your fellow students, and you can now earn $25 per referral

At this point, you’ve been in the field spreading our mission. Maybe you’ve been partnering with organizations, advertising in the local media, or giving presentations, but whatever you’ve been doing, it works. You’re a real marketer (and you’re making a nice bit of income).


Refer 5000 of your fellow students, and you can now earn $50 per referral

If you’ve made it here, then you’re not just a Brand Ambassador, you’re a full-fledged entrepreneur. You’ve picked up marketing and administrative skills that you can use to launch your own business. We hope you remember us once you’re a millionaire!


  1. Unfortunately, while we encourage entrepreneurship in youths, we have to limit Ambassadorship to people who are at least 18 years of old (for boring legal reasons).
  2. It should go without saying, but you’ll need Borrow’d to be installed on your phone. Preferably, you’ll be a power-user yourself!
  3. You should be passionate about taking on the ridiculous price of textbooks, and in helping college students afford them.
  4. Self-starting is the key character trait of our Brand Ambassadors. You won’t get daily work assignments from us. Instead, you’ll have to your own assignments to work on. Harder than your typical internship? Maybe. More rewarding? We think so.