How Borrow’d Works

How to bypass the bookstore


Sign-up for Borrow’d

Download Borrow’d on your phone and sign-up using your Facebook Account.

Find a Book

Look up your required textbook by ISBN Number, Title, Author, or course code. Compare prices, distances, and the current state of the books.

List a Book

To list a textbook, simply scan the ISBN in the back of the book. Set a fair price, snap some good pictures, and wait for a student to get in touch.

Meet and Exchange

Decide on a time and place to meet for the exchange. Don’t worry about bringing cash, Borrow’d handles all that financial stuff.

Save a

Shake hands and take the textbook home with you. Maybe crack it open and start reading?

Get to Studying

Use your new textbook to ace your class! Don’t forget to take a break every now and then.

Dance Your Way to
the Bank

Borrow’d lets you keep 90% of payment, so it’s time to start planning how you’ll spend money.

Spend Your Money

Find some fun ways to spend your new fortune. And don’t forget to study for your own classes.

Meet Up Again

Meet up again to exchange the book. Make sure to give each other a good (and honest) rating!